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Street Fighter 6 lag fix

Street Fighter 6 lag issue? You can fix lag problems of your video card and Windows.

How to fix it for Street Fighter 6:

1. Improve windows speed performance with this

2. Be sure that you have all gaming prequisites from here

3. Update your graphics driver! (most important thing to do)

For: Street Fighter 6

1A. Detect your video card name (to know what driver to download) see it here

2A. Download and learn how to properly install video graphics driver (also is important) see here

Of course, you can do more but is quite risky if you don`t have the best cooler for your video card.

Street Fighter™ 6

Quick performance gain

How to easy improve performance for AMD Radeon Video cards

Left click on taskbar arrow from right side, then right click on AMD icon > Graphics Profile > Optimize Performance : Street Fighter 6

How to optimize performance for Nvidia GeForce video cards -: Street Fighter 6

Right mouse click and select: Nvidia Control Panel > Adjust image settings with preview > Move slider to Performance.

Street Fighter™ 6

How to increase / optimize performance for Intel HD Graphics -: Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter™ 6

Righ click on desktop and select Graphics Properties > Advanced Mode > 3D > Move slider to 3D performance and apply.

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This guide is for Windows platforms like new Windows 11 64 bits but not specialy!

But also can work well on:

Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Windows 7 or: Microsoft Windows 8.1

Windows 11 ready for Gaming !

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Author: Edy Baciu

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For Android !

Fix Not Working Menu

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